Heuristics Media and Communications Consultancy is a communications firm that offers solution-based communications to individuals, companies, and corporates. We aim at enhancing their brand reputation and publicity to enable them to achieve maximum gains in revenues and growth. At Heuristics Media and Communications Consultancy, we focus on creating a dynamic approach on clients’ communications tools that elevate the believability of their products and services. This is done by setting a pro-brand agenda to the target audience and customers. All our services are tailored and centred towards addressing the ever-changing preferences by audiences and clients in a way that converts and keeps them attached to a brand. We endeavour to make clients experience a mutual-benefit touch in their interactions with products and services of individuals and corporates.

Why we focus on Clients’ Communications in Business

Communication is the difference between securing a business opportunity and missing it completely. It can be done through customer relations, target market approach, clients’ retention and positive image of a brand. Communication creates a focus for brand agents and employees who work towards achieving perfect growth and representation of a brand that helps it stand out in the market, hence becomes resilient to current and imminent competition threats. Communication enhances smooth business process especially in service delivery which is the most crucial catalyser for clients’ retention, referrals and business growth.

To keep organizations and brands vibrant by helping them spend less and earn more through informed communications strategies.

We visualize a partnership with clients in addressing dynamic communications, marketing patterns and environments that will help them use different communication approaches to sustain current markets and penetrate new ones.

Dynamic messaging for you


Heuristics Media and Communications Consultancy takes a full circuit approach on communication solutions. We focus on making businesses experience the turn-around effect of integrated public relations and marketing communications through tailor-made communication services.

Integrated Public Relations Solutions

We offer more than just selling your brand to the target audience/market. We make it make sense to them and offer advisory services on how to enhance the brands.




    Media Training for Journalism Students
  • Start Date - End Date

    06/05/2019 - 07/05/2019
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    Sovereign Suites - Red Hill Limuru Road
  • 2 Speakers

    Communications Professionals and Veteran Journalists



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