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Communication for Political Campaigns – 20 Pointers you Can’t Afford to Miss

Communication strategy pointers for political campaigns

Political Campaigns are a good test of strategy and communications Whether you are going into a political contest to win or to test the waters, strategic Communication is critical while undertaking political campaigns and persuading voters/citizens.

You have to convince voters beyond reasonable doubt that you are the man/woman of the match, the only one that can take them to the next level and fulfil their aspirations.

This calls for a critical look into how one’s messages will be packaged and how the strategies you will use to achieve the set goals.

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The following are key communication pillars in undertaking a strategic campaign:

  • The 3 Cs – Consistency, Coherence and Creativity.
  • Research on the office you are planning to vie for and see the commitment it will need (time and finance).
  • Publicity – It is attracting people’s attention, creating visibility and awareness of your brand as a politician.
  • Believability and acceptability – People will listen to everyone but will trust the ones they believe in.

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  • Political Inclination (area, regional or national) – We look at the electorate’s political inclination and play in and out of their preference and what they want in their leadership.
  • Unique selling points/Value – What are you bringing on board? We do intelligence to know what people want.
  • Utilising your intangible assets (experience, records and initiatives) – We tailor such investments to add value to a politician as a brand.
  • Financial capability – You need funds to run a campaign secretariat and a few coordinators on the ground. Remember, you can give money to voters, but they fail to vote for you. It is the effective strategy and facilitating a politician’s delivery of the plan and vision that matters the most.
  • Strategic Plan – We create a suitable and sustainable working plan on how a politician will reach out to the electorate. It must be realistic, credible, attractive, future, inclusive, futuristic and time-bound.  
  • Creative campaign – The tactics must be working and convincing. They should give the anticipated results.
  • Slogan – It must resonate with the electorate.

  • Branding – This is important in selling one’s name and a politician. One should prepare merchandise such as caps, t-shirts, coverall, banners, signboards, etc.
  • Strong public relations and media relations – It means reaching out to people a politician may not engage with physically.
  • Social media marketing and engagement – Everything is going digital. A single video or text message on social media platforms go a long way in reaching out to the target audience.
  •  Political agenda – It must address issues facing the electorate.
  • Create a network and sign-up platform for supporters – This creates a direct network and platform.
  • Create emotional connections and memories with the electorate with initiatives and social actions.
  • Personality and culture fusion – Be like the electorate, live with them, engage in their social activities and be part of their problems. For example, if they are making a footpath or a temporary market area, be there with them and use the initiative to sell your political agenda.
  • Build a narrative.
  • Identify your competitors’ weak points and use them in your favour (negative campaign).

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